Diploma in Medical Radiology (DMR)

Radiology courses after 12th - Radiology is a branch of paramedical science that deals with the diagnosis of diseases with the help of technology and diagnostic tests in medical treatment using radiation and imaging the inner organ systems in the human body. A radiologist collaborates with doctors and is an integral part of the medical diagnosis process. Radiologists use radiography to precisely diagnose a patient's illness or injury with the aid of technology.

What Are Radiology Courses?

Diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology are the two main branches of radiology. Imaging processes are used in diagnostic radiology to diagnose diseases or injuries in patients. Interventional radiology, on the other hand, entails guided medical therapies administered through small incisions using medical imaging processes.

in this article, students will find the various radiology courses available after the 12th grade that one can take to pursue a career in this field. A diploma in radiology after the 10th is the study of the diagnosis of diseases with the help of medicine as well as technology.

Here, one of the branches of Radiology Courses after 12th is a specialization of medicine that uses X-Ray images to detect diseases or injuries whereas the other is the study of using imaging techniques such as CT Scans, MRI, etc., to provide treatment directions.

Who Should Pursue Radiology Courses?

Students who want to go for radiology care in the future can opt for these courses. But before that, one must be aware of the basic radiologist qualifications of all the courses that are offered in the radiology field.

After 12th grade, you can study radiology to learn how to use X-rays to diagnose and treat diseases. If you want to work in radiology or radiography, you should have strong research skills, the ability to interpret technical data, and experience with radiography equipment.

Such radiology courses after 12th grade will provide you with a thorough understanding of topics such as principles of medical imaging, medical biochemistry, radiographic techniques, radiation physics, and so on. After the 12th grade, science is required to pursue such radiology courses.

Diploma in Radiology: Admission Process

After becoming eligible the candidates must follow the following steps to get admission in Diploma in Radiology.

  • The candidate must apply for the course through the college website and pay the application fee (if any).
  • While some colleges take admission on the basis of merit others conduct their entrance exams like GATA and SUAT.
  • A cut-off list is released by the colleges and candidates who qualify to move ahead in the application process.
  • Some colleges also conduct a group discussion followed by a personal interview to finalize the students.